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What intense times we are moving through! 

In our team reasoning it came through loud & clear that, Community is Immunity! We must support each other. For this reason we are honoring the generous spirit of Hemp-Cannabis & all of our offerings will be 20% off with the code : YesAya! until further notice. Apply it at checkout. 

The times are ripe for understanding that coherent, integral relationships are crucial in our individual and collective wellbeing. 

For us, Community is the recognition of our common ground, (literally the Earth!) respecting the life-giving forces that unite us, & committing to supporting each other through this human experience. We are all interconnected, our wellbeing & health is dependent on all of us being able to be well & healthy. Our immunities are inextricably interrelated to the health of our environments and we are only as strong as the weakest member of our society. So it comes as no surprise that after so much extraction and abuse of our natural resources we are susceptible to feeling that very pain and fear within our own bodies.

Our animal & plant kin and our human communities that are systematically oppressed & forsaken have been subject to precipitous death, disease and extinction to maintain a system that is simply not sustainable. As a collective humanity we have been severely severed from our roots. We are hungry for connection but have been conditioned that fleeting gratification, through consumption, can satiate true connection to self, each other and our environments. 

The truth, for us, is clear, we must come together, reclaim our creative sovereignty, eradicate distractions & return to the earth— 

We’ve been getting questions about whether CBD is good for the virus at large. The answer that there is no one thing-herb-plant-pharmaceutical etc… that will cure-fix-heal us. No-thing can guarantee that we will never be sick or feel pain. To sustain immunity and have the ability to respond to disease we must cultivate relationships with our body, environment & one another.

Yes, there are plant allies, meditation/movement practices and therapies that can assist in maintaining health & healing. However, we must shed the conditioned idea that buying something will be the quick fix to whatever may be coming up for us. Hemp-Cannabis-CBD can be beneficial for the body and assist in many ways. People that have tried our products have shared that it has helped relieve their anxiety, regulate sleep cycles, ease pain & tension and overall support a sense of harmony in their bodies (homeostasis).

Our products are an extension of our relationship with Hemp- Cannabis and can assist in opening up a path to deeper connection with yourself & your environment. We do not sell any quick fixes or cures, we offer a coherent relationship from Seed to Body that inspires wellness. In these times our full-spectrum CBD products may support you in moving out of fear and into clarity. 

If you’ve been following us, you know we’re a small grassroots family (expecting one more member this June!). AYAORA does not sustain us financially, although we hope someday that it will, since it requires daily devotion. All of us have faced adversity, we’ve been subject to the injustices of the powers that be in our own unique ways and those very experiences have brought us together to tend to the land. Not only do we grow Hemp-Cannabis, we are also sprouting a community garden to provide fresh, beyond organic food to families here on the borderlands. We feel it’s unfortunate that it has taken something as eerie as an unseen entity that can infiltrate our bodies and cause harm to show us our global-collaborative potential, but we give thanks that in these times we can see on a whole new scale, the power we have to come together with a common cause. We invite you to harness this power and allow it to inform your daily habits and choices well beyond the intensity of the times. 

In addition to the 20% YesAYA! code, we are offering sliding scale consultations on how to begin your own veggie-herb gardens in your home (apartment, house etc…) email us at if you’re interested.

We send you strength, health, and moments of deep joy & laughter in these times. Thank you for being here…more shares will be streaming.

Give Thanks! 


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